Explore Boston

Boston area attractions provide you with many things to see and do in the city. From America’s history found along the Freedom Trail to world-famous museums, musical institutions, local and international cuisine, and spectator sports like the Red Sox and Patriots, this is a city unlike any other. Add easy access to the beaches of Cape Cod, the coast of Maine, the mountains and lakes of New Hampshire and Vermont, the gaming resorts of Connecticut, and the world-famous mansions of Newport, Rhode Island – Boston has it all!

About Boston

Boston is a wonderful blend of stylish sophistication and historic New England charm. You can easily uncover the city’s past while enjoying its distinctively modern edge. Boston is a world-class destination with endless possibilities for exploration of history, culture, shopping, dining and nightlife!

Historic Landmarks

History is one of the main reasons why attendees love Boston. Founded in 1630, Boston is one of the oldest settlements in the country and keeps history alive by preserving its past though the city’s many historic buildings, museums, trails, and monuments, all in and around the Greater Boston area. Boston’s influential history is within easy walking distance of the convention centers and hotels, with dozens of historical sites providing unlimited opportunities for special event venues and extracurricular tours. Greater Boston’s celebrated landmarks and monuments are places you cannot miss during your visit to Boston.


Food, glorious food! Boston has a well-deserved rep as a historic city – but that doesn’t mean we don’t embrace innovation, especially as it relates to food. While our celebrity chefs are world-famous, the new crop of hot restauranteurs is setting Boston’s dining scene on fire with their distinctive and creative flair. From stellar seafood served along waterfront rooftops to grilled masterpieces at downtown steakhouses to a burger from the corner pub, you will experience great food.

Arts & Music

Boston culture is world-renowned and offers many classic venues for your special event programs. Boston offers some of the finest museums in the country, distinguished musical institutes, and glamorous theater venues. The city itself is a living museum with countless examples of centuries-old architecture to discover and explore. Boston offers a world of cultural discoveries and treasures in its many neighborhoods, including Boston’s Theater District, Beacon Hill, Back Bay, Fenway, and Cambridge, plus many more in the Great Boston area.

Sports & Entertainment

Your visit to Boston doesn’t have to be all business. Boston provides an incredible variety of sports and entertainment options.


Boston shopping has something for everyone. Shopping opportunities range from upscale establishments in the Back Bay such as Gucci, Tiffany & Co., and Saks Fifth Avenue to discount shopping at Downtown Crossing. Here are just a few of the great shopping possibilities that Boston offers:

Boston Neighborhoods

The BCEC is surrounded by distinct neighborhoods, each having its own vibe and appeal. What makes Boston unique is that its diversity and culture can change from one block to the next. We invite you to explore our wonderful neighborhoods and make the most of your free time right in the city.


Boston is known as America’s Walking City, so rest assured when you meet in Boston, your attendees will get from here to there in no time at all. View many of the walking maps in and around the Greater Boston Area.