Special Sessions

Breaking Through The Clutter: A Primer on Communicating Science and Health to the Public

Wednesday, September 12, 2018; 9:00-11:00
Registration Price: $20

This two-hour session with seasoned communications experts and media trainers will provide attendees with the skills they need to engage effectively with non-scientific audiences. You will learn how to speak with brevity and maintain accuracy using messages and storytelling, and share tools to make sure you feel in control when meeting with journalists, funders, policymakers or the public.  The session is highly interactive with video examples and exercises.  Registration is required and spaces are limited and going fast.  This exclusive opportunity is supported by a grant from The Mayday Fund.

Guiding Pain and Interprofessional Education Through Competencies

Friday September 14, 2018; 12:30-14:00
Registration Price: $20 (includes lunch)

Organized By the 2018 Global Year Task Force

This session will review recent developments in advancing pain education through use of competencies for pain in uni- and interprofessional curricula. These will include mapping of competencies against overarching profession-specific competencies, novel education programs and curricula across professions and stages of practice, and aspirational goals for how competencies can improve pain education around the world.  Practical strategies and examples will be discussed of how best to integrate pain competency in individual programs, systems and policy level education.  Participants will have the opportunity to interact with colleagues to share best practices and brainstorm new ideas.


Scott M. Fishman, MD

Fullerton Endowed Chair in Pain Medicine
Professor of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine
Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences (secondary)
Chief, Division of Pain MedicineVice Chair, Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine
Director, Center for Advancing Pain Relief
University of California, Davis School of Medicine

Judy Watt-Watson, RN MSc PhD

Professor Emeritus
Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing
Senior Fellow, Massey College
Executive Member, Centre for the Study of Pain
University of Toronto

Innovative Teaching and Assessment Strategies for the Pain Educator 

Saturday September 15, 2018; 12:30-14:00
Registration Price: $20 (includes lunch)

Organized By the 2018 Global Year Task Force

This session will focus on identifying and developing innovative and timely teaching and assessment strategies in pain education. The topics will look towards a global embrace of pain education with: high-impact conversations, patient-centered treatment plans, distance learning, and creative technologies all designed to advance meaningful competency in interprofessional pain care.  Following an introduction to set the stage addressing diverse teaching methodologies and updates in assessment of pain education, participants will divide into facilitated small groups working with education leaders to create innovative learning activities and develop assessment techniques.


Beth B. Hogans, M.S. (Biomath), M.D., Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Director of Pain Education
Department of Neurology
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Antje M. Barreveld, MD

Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology, Tufts University School of Medicine
Co-Principal Investigator, HSDM-BWH NIH Pain Consortium Center of Excellence in Pain Education
Medical Director, Pain Management Center
Director, Substance Use Services (SUS)
Anesthesiologist, Commonwealth Anesthesia Associates (CAA)
Newton-Wellesley Hospital